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Bikinis Lit by French Polynesia Inspo

by Bobbi Verdugo |

For me, it really wasn't very difficult for this next collection to have been influenced by my recent trip to French Polynesia. 

It's a place that truly delivers the paradise that one has ever imagined; and really what you see in all those glossy travel magazines... Lush atolls lined with coconut palms, volcanic peaks dramatically lit by a tangerine sunset, glistening turquoise water filled with every tropical fish imaginable, I mean need I say more?

French painter Paul Gauguin who lived in French Polynesia during 1891-93 depicted the idyllic lifestyle in his paintings which essence exists very much today.

It is the people, history, culture and land that all make it uniquely French Polynesia.  Check out the mailman, covered in the traditional Polynesian tattouages of manta rays, sharks, woven palms or flowers, or wait in line at the grocery store alongside Vahines casually donning a flower crown after church...

Cruising the roulettes, there you will see a group of girls wearing a vibrant hibiscus behind their ears or in their hair buns sharing a meal of Poisson Cru and french fries..

While there in the distance a young boy in shorts and sandals is crossing the street holding a fresh baguette from the bakery wrapped in newspaper taking it back to his home fenced with with wild chickens and roosters...

All of it is just the perfect blend of France and the Marquesas all wrapped into one...This is French Polynesia and moi J'adore. 

You can relax and do nothing or you can do all the activities your heart desires.  Whatever you decide, this is the place you can truly unwind.

Poisson Cru, overwater bungalows, a lush and pristine island, this may not be deciding factors to come here, but what really set this place apart for me besides it's wonderful and friendly locals, was the marine life...


I'm not sure there is anywhere else in the world where you can swim like this with black tippped reef sharks or wild sting rays this comfortably but I think Moorea may be one of the few places in the world you may be able to do so.  I can't tell you how natural and comfortable I felt about swimming with these creatures, I guess the only way I can tell you how amazing it is, is to try it for yourself.  Just please, as I will always say, let nature be and do it's thing, please do not feed or chum them, or try to chase, poke, provoke, or try to pull or ride their fins (obvious advisories to some, but apparently not to others :( ). Please be respectful, love you guys! :) 

Overall, this collection is about being completely active in the water, it's about enjoying life to it's fullest, and paying homage to French Polynesia and all its historical and natural beauty.  I would take the Moorea one-piece and my reversible Tahiti bikini sets there and really, that is all you would need... they are pieces so versatile and won't take much space in your suitcase but they would transport you and perform in all that you would need to while you are enjoying nature and the lifestyle of French Polynesia.  If you don't have the chance to go there now, you can always bring it all to you. I am so grateful I had a chance to discover this place.  It's beauty and essence are captured in this collection and I hope you are able to enjoy these pieces from head to toe. 


Māuruuru Tahiti

I love you and I can't wait until we meet again!


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