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HICA Kauai Edition

by Bobbi Verdugo |

Last month Yoshi and I had the chance to spend time in Kaua'i to celebrate his milestone birthday year.  We have always loved our visits to O'ahu (and not to compare our experience here to any of the other Hawaiian islands we have visited, as they each offer something unique), but we both ended up feeling the most relaxed and at home when we were in Kaua'i.  There was such a duality here on this magical island, as it truly had that perfect organic blend of quaintness yet mystery.  We were perpetually amazed from the near infinite number of hidden pockets of natural wonders just waiting to be explored (but most importantly to be kept a secret!). From the rugged red rock canyons and the emerald mountains of the Na'Pali coast, rainbow crowned waterfalls hidden in verdant lush forests, clear seas and big waves, it was all so lovely to take in, we really can't wait to go back.


Sea shells Galore

(wearing the 'Hermosa' bottoms in 'Floral Punch')

Wading in cascading streams and tide pools

Gotta have that Kombucha from Kauai Juice Co. when you're there!

Made my first Haku with instruction from Meleana and PAIKO

Took in the scene on the edge of a waterfall

Yoshi's turn...

Crystal clear blue seas fine enough to see all the way down to the sandy ocean floor. 


Just a pod of dolphins on the Na' Pali Coast

One of my favorite boat excursions has to have been on the Na' Pali Coast, honestly can't wait until we return!

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