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Alaïa Nazaire's Guide to French Polynesia

by Bobbi Verdugo |

Which is your favorite Hotel you recommend others to stay/ hangout in French Polynesia?
I love the Hilton Resort Moorea, which is close enough from the main island but still provides that holiday feeling.
What is/are the best place(s) to relax among nature in French Polynesia? 
There are so many! Out the top of my head I would say I love the "Vaima Source" (preferably in the week time to avoid the crowd), the Coco Beach Motu in Moorea is an amazing place too, and if you go wandering around the "Presqu'ile" in Tahiti, you'll come across a ton of other cool spots.
What are the best surf spots in Tahiti do you recommend? 
I don't surf so I can't really recommend any, but the two most known beach waves spots are Taharuu et Papenoo. As for the reef spots you have Taapuna, Sapinus, Haapiti and so much more. Without forgetting Teahupoo, which is the most famous.
What beaches do you think are the most beautiful in French Polynesia? 
The most beautiful beaches are in the islands distant from Tahiti like Fakarava, Rangiroa, Bora Bora. If ever you don't have the budget to go that far, Temae beach in Moorea is one of my favourite.

What is your favorite breakfast spot in Tahiti?
My favourite breakfast spot is the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort. Their sunday brunch is to die for.
What is the best outdoor restaurant do you recommend in French Polynesia? 
The Blue Banana is a really cool spot to have lunch or dinner, with their deck directly standing on the lagoon.
What is your favorite dish to cook when at home? 
I have so many favourites, as I'm a big food lover but I would say Poisson Cru lait de coco (which is raw tuna with coconut milk and vegetables) is the most typically Polynesian and easy to make.
What is the best place to go out and dance in Tahiti? 
It depends on what kind of atmosphere you like but I usually go to the Morrissons or the Kikiriri
Where are you shopping go-to’s in Tahiti? 
Les Jules is definitely the place where I shop the most, they have so many cute clothes, swimwear and even jewelry!
Where are your favorite spas or salons in French Polynesia? 
I really love the Manea Spa which is located at the Manava Resort

What would you read (or re-read) on the beach? 
I love "Bonjour Tristesse" written by Françoise Sagan which is one of my favourite books ever!
What is your “summer time song?” 
I always listen to songs on repeat and then get tired of them 3 weeks later but my song of the moment is "Morning After" from DVSN 
What must you always have in your beach bag?
My pareo of course! You can use it to dress on top of your swimsuit, or to have a little nap.
What are your 3 fashion essentials living in French Polynesia? 
I would say shorts, because they're comfy and adapted to our weather, flip flops always on my feet because I like being able to take them off easily at any time and a flower at my ear to feel pretty and smell good.
As a Polynesian woman, what are your 3 beauty essentials? 
Monoï would be my first, I like to mix it in my conditioner as a hair mask, but I also use it to hydrate my skin and tan at the beach.
I also use lip balm a lot because my lips tend to get dry with all the sun.
And finally, I do clay masks once a week to keep a clear skin.

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