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Gaya gives her take about motherhood, beauty positivity and her Sri Lankan roots

by Bobbi Verdugo |

Born: Sri Lanka
Hometown: Torrance, CA
Current City: Redondo Beach,CA
Occupation: Marketing and Sales
Being both a mother and a career woman, do you think mothers today may have a hard time feeling “beautiful?”  
Of course! Setting the career woman aside, being a mother completely shifts your thinking of beauty for yourself, from what you once were to what you are now. It was a big shift for me as my whole body changed and some parts never went back (lol) but it is also a new sense of the word "confident". Knowing that my definition of beautiful is redefined to this strong, ever evolving, new version of myself. Being a career woman just adds the confidence that I need to feel empowered.   

Growing up embracing your Sri Lankan culture do you think there are perspectives on beauty that the western world can learn from and perhaps adopt or is it /can it be the other way around?
The idea of beauty in the Western world is shifting as we see more and more women being brought to the forefront. I don't think anyone is doing it perfectly and we can learn and grow together. What is really nice to see more familiar faces on tv, advertising, music and in leadership positions. 

What are some of your own beauty tips or things you enjoy doing in terms of self care?
I've learned that your mental health is just as important as the cream you apply at night and mostly not to take for granted your youth. 

Being a mother of a beautiful 6 year old girl and 5 year old boy, what do you hope you can teach them about beauty positivity/embracing their own uniqueness that you hope they may carry into adulthood?
I struggle with this so much. Our society puts such emphasis on being skinny, having the perfect skin color, being tall and we even have our own systematic biases which we don't recognize. I want them to be mentally strong for whatever distractions life throws at them and that we all were born unique and being unique is the most beautiful lesson. 

Okay lastly, when I come over to your house for one of your delectable Sri Lankan meals what’s on the menu?

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